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Check back often to see the input from you and your neighbors! The results from every Community Meeting will eventually be posted here.

The THINKAlex process has been made possible by the following entities:

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Land Development Code Hearing Draft

The Land Development Code has a significant impact on our daily lives, from shaping the kinds of places where we live, work, and hang out, to influencing the design of our streets and public spaces.

The THINKAlex Comprehensive Development Strategy, presented at the final THINKAlex citywide meeting in October 2013, lays out our vision for a city of complete communities that can respond to the pressures and opportunities of our growing, modern city. To realize this vision, the City’s Land Development Code – the rules and processes that regulate where and what type of development may occur – must be updated to help achieve these goals.

The Code will play an important role in guiding the future growth of the city. The opportunity to update our Land Development Code means more than making it simpler to use and understand; it means creating a framework to help improve our quality of life.

You can download the Land Development code here.

A community meeting regarding proposed changes to the LDC based on past experiences of stakeholders with the current code occurred at 6:00 p.m., Thursday, September 4, 2014, at Alexandria Convention Hall. Next, on Friday, September 5, 2014, council members were provided an individualized discussion with experts on what they perceive tobe the problems of their constituents. Those comments have been incorporated into the attached final draft.

On September 16, 2014, the Council may adopt the Code or, if laid over, consider final adoption on September 30, 2014, providing an additional 14 days of review.

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Final Draft -THINKAlex Resiliency Plan

Thanks to all of your hard work, we are happy to present the Final Draft of the THINKAlex Resiliency Plan!

The Plan is comprised of a Land Use Plan, Housing Plan, and Transportation Plan. It evolved over an eighteen month engagement process containing four rounds of neighborhood meetings and three rounds of Citywide meetings. During this process, you, the citizens of Alexandria, came together with planning experts to identify your needs and your vision for your city. The THINKAlex Plan sets the groundwork for a resilient and thriving future for Alexandria for decades to come.

The THINKAlex Resiliency Plan is currently undergoing final adjustments. Then, the Plan will make its way to City Council for adoption.

The complete THINKAlex Plan Draft is 356 pages long, and 55MB in size. Below you will find a link to download the complete draft as well as separate links to download the Final Draft Plan in smaller parts.

CLICK HERE to download the complete THINKAlex Resiliency Plan Final Draft. (55MB)

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Fourth Neighborhood Meeting Feedback

Here is some of the feedback you gave at the 4th Round of Neighborhood Planning Area Meetings last month!

In this exercise, participants indicated what they like that is being built now, what they don’t like, and any problematic land uses they see in Alexandria. They also commented on these places and recommended possible solutions.

Follow this link to see participants comments on a Google Map of Alexandria!

And for more pictures visit our Facebook page.


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Community Assessment

This Community Assessment has been prepared to provide background information regarding the City of Alexandria. In this document, the city’s geography, history, demographics, and economics are profiled along with current city initiatives and planning processes. The version provided here is a draft. Changes will be made as new information becomes available or corrections are provided. Please feel free to post comments about the Community Assessment on our Facebook page.

DRAFT Community Assessment

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First Neighborhood Meeting

At the first round of neighborhood meetings, participants were given maps of their area and were told to elaborate on local strengths and challenges in housing, transportation, and land use.

Points on the maps represent places where community members found Strengths (O) or Challenges (X) in either Transportation (T), Housing (H), or Land Use (LU) in their neighborhoods. The example shown depicts a transportation challenge; therefore it is labeled with a T/X.

This information will be used to inform the THINKAlex planning process.

Maps are divided by Planning Area. Explore the maps and let us know what you think!

PA 1

PA 2

PA 3

PA 4

The rest of the comments from the neighborhood meetings have been compiled into documents for review and analysis. These comments result from group discussions as well as information from individual comments that could not be mapped (seen in the mapping post).

The results from the maps and discussions will inform the THINKAlex planning process.

Results are separated according to Planning Area.

Neighborhood Round 1 Meeting Results

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First Citywide Meeting

To kick off the Citywide meeting, participants were given the above sheet and instructed to think about the future of Alexandria. The perspectives on this exercise worksheet represent handful of members of the diverse Alexandria community. Through this exercise, participants highlighted aspects in the city that they hope will be accentuated in the future: a vibrant Riverwalk, greater economic opportunity, extensive public transportation, “complete streets”, comprehensive healthcare, and much more. With your help, we can make these visions of the future a reality!

The results of this exercise are in the linked PDFs below:


Business Woman

High School Sophomore


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First Citywide Meeting | LU/H/T

Check out the results from the Land Use, Housing, and Transportation exercises from Citywide Meeting 1.

Land Use

Housing Part 1
Housing Part 2


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Second Neighborhood Meeting

The second round of Neighborhood meetings tasked participants with ranking priorities that were created during Citywide Meeting 1. Each table’s ranking sheet can be seen below, with PDF of aggregated rankings for downloaded here: N2 Ranking Results

Next, residents were encouraged to take their highest ranked priority in each Land Use, Housing, and Transportation and create an actionable recommendation to accomplish their highest priority. Each table’s recommendations can be seen in the next three boxes.

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Third Neighborhood Meeting

Please find the compiled work you did during the 3rd Round of Neighborhood Planning Area Meetings (N3). These sheets contain information that responds to the N2 Meeting results, with a focus on recommendation implementation.

In this exercise, participants identified actors from the public, private, philanthropic (non-profit), and citizen sectors that could contribute to the implementation of their assigned recommendation (which was developed during the first Citywide meeting, C1).

Participants also described ways the actors could work together to implement that recommendation.

This work will be built upon the Citywide Meeting that is taking place at Cityhall on January 19, 2013.

Download the PDF here. (Participant work in RED text)

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Online Survey Results

The THINKAlex Resiliency Planning Online Survey contained information that was generated by community meeting participants. A total of 154 different Alexandrians responded, with the four most well represented neighborhoods being the Garden District, West Pointe, and Enterprise Addition, and Cherokee Village.

The results can be downloaded here: Survey Results

Thank you all who participated! This information will be invaluable in shaping the THINKAlex Resiliency Plan.

Remember: we will be building on this work during the second Citywide Meeting on January 17th, 2013.

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Second Citywide Meeting Presentation and Activities

Thank you to all of the participants who came out to the Second Citywide Meeting last Thursday. We heard some great conversations about the draft plans and principles. Those comments will have a great impact on how the Land Use, Housing, and Transportation plans are finally shaped.

For those who did not attend the meeting, we are posting the presentation here for your review. The activity worksheets are also available here for you to review. If you have the time, feel free to read through these materials and complete the activities on your own time.

We would love to hear your comments. Feel free to leave them on the project Facebook page or in the Comments section on the homepage.

Download and view the Second Citywide Meeting materials here:

Presentation Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Land Use Activity

Housing Activity | Housing Worksheet

Transportation Activity Streets | Transportation Activity Bikes

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RESULTS: Second Citywide Meeting

The results from the Second Citywide Meeting have been compiled by the THINKAlex Team’s technical experts. They can be downloaded here for your review.

At the meeting, participants were presented with draft plans and principles for the Land Use, Housing, and Transportation (blank materials from the meeting and the presentation can be found at the “Second Citywide Meeting Presentation and Activities” button on the left column). The feedback in response to these plans and principles will influence the final THINKAlex Resiliency Plan and have a significant impact on the future of Alexandria.

Read through the results and leave your on the project Facebook Page or email us at thinkalexandria@gmail.com

Download the results below:

Land Use Activity | Map | Land Use Raw Responses Part 1 | Part 2

Housing Activity | Housing Raw Responses Part 1 | Part 2

Transportation Activity Streets | Bikes

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UPDATED: Community Assessment

The updated Community Assessment is now online! This document will give you a better understanding of Alexandria’s history, geography, demographics, economy, and much more.

The Assessment also features a review of previous planning efforts in Alexandria that will serve as a base on which the THINKAlex Resiliency Plan will build upon.

Download the updated Community Assessment Part 1 | Part 2 | Appendix

What fact about Alexandria is most interesting to you? What is surprising? What does this document tell you about the future of Alexandria? Please leave your thoughts on the project Facebook Page

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Second Citywide Meeting Evaluations

Following every meeting of the THINKAlex Resiliency Planning Process, participants were instructed to fill out Meeting Evaluations. The evaluation survey asks several questions about how to improve the engagement effort. The comments help shape the structure of future meetings.

Please review the compiled comments from the evaluations following Citywide Meeting 2. Let us know how we’ve done!

Citywide Meeting 2 Evaluations

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