THINKAlex Team

The THINKAlex process has been made possible by the following entities:

Concordia, LLC is the lead consultant of the collaborative THINKAlex planning team. For over twenty-eight years Concordia has built partnerships and teams that have included as many as twelve collaborating firms working through a process of small and large group community facilitation and engagement.

Concordia’s systemic approach to community engagement and planning requires a team of professional collaborators. Rather than the old “lead planner and consultant” approach to planning, we prefer a model that is based more on collective strength and professional collegiality. It is for this reason that the following team of professionals will contribute both technical and leadership capabilities throughout the process.

Environmental Resources Management, an Alexandria based international firm will provide land use expertise and investment implementation strategies for the project.

Duncan Associates will contribute expertise in the area of zoning and codes.

Neel Schaffer will contribute expertise in transportation analysis and planning. Neel-
Schaffer, Inc. will work with the city’s engineering staff and District 08 of the Louisiana Department of Transportation to develop and not duplicate recommendations.

GCR and Associates, Inc., a Louisiana-based firm, with considerable expertise in
analyzing affordable housing needs and crafting housing programs and strategies will
build on the efforts of the 2009 Housing Revitalization Master Plan in developing the
housing element of the comprehensive development strategy.

James A Gilmore Jr. will contribute additional expertise in the area of community engagement and outreach.

Saundra Reed will also contribute additional expertise in the area of community engagement.

Canary Collective of New Orleans will serve as the planning team’s online communications consultant and web developer, assisting with the creation and execution of a web presence to serve as a communication tool with the public throughout the planning process.

Community Fellows will also included in this category of work. Up to four local “Community Fellows” will be hired by the planning team to assist with community research, outreach and meeting facilitation.

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