Public engagement is a key component to the THINKAlex Plan. It is essential to hear from all residents and stakeholders of the Alexandria to develop a plan that works for and benefits everyone. Community members; organizational and business leaders; municipal, regional and state agencies; and elected officials must recognize that ownership and participation in planning and implementation is key to successful realization of the plan.

An iterative process of community meetings are the crux of THINKAlex’s public engagement strategy. These meeting play the central role in coalescing community support for enacting the plan and collecting the ideas and feedback that will influence the plan’s direction. Throughout the THINKAlex planning process, residents and stakeholders will be able to contribute meaningful suggestions to the THINKAlex team and be able to see the result of their work at subsequent THINKAlex meetings. The repeated interaction and feedback between the THINKAlex team and the community will result in a plan that is both responsive to needs and encourages action.

The community meeting process is formatted to give Alexandrians a two different opportunities to think about their city. The first is through neighborhood meetings. At this scale, residents talk about their immediate surroundings, providing detailed information regarding challenges and opportunities in the area they know best. The second format, the citywide, is intended to give all residents and stakeholders the chance to think about the city holistically and create a vision for its future.

First and foremost – come to the community meetings! See the ‘EVENTS’ section to get more information about the time and location of your neighborhood and citywide meetings. Your input and attendance is crucial. Stay engaged digitally though facebook and twitter, and tell your friends, family, and co-workers! See you at the next meeting!

The THINKAlex process has been made possible by the following entities:

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